Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Koffeecake Corner

Winter is over and spring is finally here.  Time to switch out hot beverages for icey cold treats.  But there are some things I like to enjoy year round and one of them is the nutella hot chocolate at Koffeecake Corner.

Koffeecake corner is a neighborhood guilty pleasure of mine.  I come here only for that delicious nutella hot chocolate.  I couldn't even tell you what else they serve because it's the only thing I order - that's how good it is! (Although my husband says that they're coffee is pretty good too!)
Their Nutella hot chocolate is smooth, thick, and satisfies my cravings on the spot!  Notice how I only ordered a small cup.  It's small but the intense flavor is large enough to satisfy my craving!

...I also like how the barista was nice enough to drizzle my name on top!  Brownie points!  Chocolate Nutella brownie points!

**Koffecake Corner is located in Chelsea and the Upper East Side**


  1. Next time I go into the city I know where to go!! Nutella Hot Chocolate?!?! That must be DELICIOUS!!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. That. looks. amazing! What a great photo op, with your name on top- that's adorable! And good thing you don`t have a short name like Pam and get less nutella, hehe!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. this place looks SO lovely. jealous!!

  4. This place looks like Heaven haha
    I'd take Nutella Hot Chocolate any day!


  5. Nutella Hot Chocolate! I WANT!!
    Such a cute little coffee shop! I would be there all the time!

  6. Nutella hot chocolate?!?! Say what?!?!!
    That sounds amazing! What an adorable shop!

  7. My kind of place! Although I would have a hard time not eating or drinking everything...-Jess L