Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Pretty Links

Here are some Happy Pretty Links for your Happy 4th of July Weekend!  
  • Patriotic Party tips right off of the Pingg Blog
  • Red White and Blue Firecracker Popsicles by the Brown Eyed Baker
  • I need these shoes...I need these shoes...I need these shoes...
  • DIY Polaroids spotted on Life-n-Reflection
  • Beautiful photos taken at Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest by Lingered Upon

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Circa 1
I'm ending on a colorful note as I bring my coverage of the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair to a close; starting with Nancy and Andy of Circa Ceramics. Based in Chicago, Circa Cermaics creates bright eye popping kitchenware featuring fun nostalgic graphics, like good 'ole tape cassette below....

Circa 2
Up next is Earth Cadets by Krissy Callahan, also based in Chicago. Earth Cadets design tote bags, pillows and onesies all by hand, screenprinted or dyed and made from 100% recycled materials. My favorite it El Zorro below - (put a fox on it!)EC 2EC 1
I also loved the witty t-shirts of Gnome Enterprises based right here in Brooklyn. All the shirts featured hand-drawn original designs for men, women and children. This shop has my husband written all over it - I will definitely be back on their site during the holidays for sure. Because nothing says I love you like a t-shirt with a robot fighting a dinosaur...Gnome Enterprises 1Gnome Enterprises 2
And finally...ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...
FRENCHIES ON A PILLOW!  ROCCO ON A PILLOW! GAAGHH!!! Which is exactly what I squealed when I came across the shop, In the Seam designed by Brooklynite Ronda J Smith. Here, Ronda combines her love of photography and pillow-making to create the fine art of pure awesomeness. She can also create custom designs so you too can have a pillow of your adorable furry critter!In the Seam 2In the Seam 1

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Chime 1My coverage of the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair continues with some more of my favorites shops, such as Leslie Barrett of Chime. Chime creates handmade jewerly using materials from cracked and beat drum cymbals donated by drummers all over the country!
Chime 2
I also admire the illustration work by Bryce Wymer of Flat Earth.  Flat Earth is a visual collective based right here in Brooklyn.  Check out some of Bryce's pieces below, beautifully communicated through prints, dishwares and toys.Flat Earth 1Flat Earth 2
Flat Earth 3
I was also drawn by the work of Peg and Awl.  This husband and wife due, based in Philadelphia, creates jewelry, journals, bags (pictured below) and home/garden items from recovered and neglected materials. Sustainablilty at its finest! 
Peg and Awl 1
Peg and Awl 2

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Another Feather 1
I'm picking up where I left off yesterday with more incredible shops from the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Starting with Hannah Ferrara of Another Feather from Asheville, North Carolina. I'm a huge fan of her work and really admire the beautiful details she adds to her pieces. (more after the jump!) 
Another Feather 2Another Feather 3Not only is Hannah a very talented skilled artisan but so is her husband Malcom of Fleet Co. Fleet Co. sells handmade leather goods using premium North American leather. Here were some of his beautiful well-crafted items {that my husband was eyeing} below...Fleet 2Fleet 1Sharing the tent with Hannah was Karie of Shelter. Shelter designs bags, clutches and wraps made from local and sustainable materials made 100% in the USA. I especially appreciate how she incorporates geometric designs onto her leather bags.
Shelter 1
Shelter 4

Monday, June 25, 2012


Renegade 4
The Renegade Craft Fair rolled into town this past weekend! Excited to cross another item off mysummer bucket list, Joe and I trekked on over to Brooklyn - and I'm happy to report, we were not disappointed. It's one thing to appreciate handcrafted items online but to actually touch and feel them, take the experience a new level. You really get a sense of the hard work and dedication these artisans put into their items.  Not only was I was blown away by their talent but also how nice and personable they all were. (That's just something you don't get when shopping on Amazon!)  Over the next few days, I look foward to sharing with you some of my favorite crafters, starting my these incredible shops below - more after the jump!  
A.Heirloom - I've been a fan of this Brooklyn-based shop on Etsy for quite some time, so when I got to meet Amy in person, I was so excited. She and her husband Bill create cutting boards in the shape of states! What started off as a display idea for their wedding reception, quickly turned into a unique way to show off one's state pride.  Naturally, New York is my favorite (I love how they included a little version of Long Island too!)TexasNew York......................................................................................................................................................
Monkey Barsoap - I was immediately drawn to this shop by the intense aromas of soaps! Based in Sunnyside Queens, the soap and bath products are 100% natural and vegan. What's also cool about this shop is that you can also join their soap of the month club!Monkey Bar 1Monkey Bar 2......................................................................................................................................................
Sweater Toys - How cute are these guys?! Sweater Toys is a Brooklyn-based shop dedicated to recycling old sweaters, cashmeres and cardigans and turning them into the most adorable looking critters you've ever seen.  My favorite little buddy is the narwhal - the unicorn of the sea!
Sweater Toys 1

Yoga in the Park

Another item to cross off the summer bucket list!  Last week my book club decided to do some yoga in Central Park.  We were to discuss the spiritual book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and our host Colleen thought it would be neat tie Open Air Yoga into this month's theme.
IMG_2559It was such an amazing experience.  Our instructor Donna was great!  She teaches the class every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - (Tuesdays in Battery Park City) and for $15 not only does she challenge you to work through your vinyasa, but she also offers a refreshing beverage after the class. That was my favorite part - her mint strawberry limeade was delicious!
IMG_2561What makes yoga in Central Park so unique is that you never know who's going to stop by.  Like for instance this nice lady named Martha (not really her name.)  Here Martha is demonstrating her agility at the age of 70 - god bless her!IMG_2569Here my friend Pam is demonstrating her beautiful crow pose - nice form!
IMG_2583When the class was finished, we headed over to Turtle Pond to discuss the book over a nice picnic.
IMG_2586 copy copy
Central Park, yoga, picnic and friends - was just what I needed after a stressful day. Namaste!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Happy Friday!  This weekend, I'm looking forward to boat rides, bbqs, and checking out the Renegade Craft Fair but before we part, check out these happy pretty links...
From the top:
  1. I have an Etsy crush on the jewerly shop, Gemagenta
  2. Berry dyed stars from A Subtle Reverly
  3. Very cool vintage ceramic decanters by The Pond Market
  4. Pretty! Dip Dye Ombre Ballet Flats by Swellmayde
  5. Mouth-watering watermelon mojito pops over at Roost
  6. Stunning Driftwood Jewelry Board spotted on Flower Child
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


You know what's great after a hard day's work?  Cocktails!  You know what's even better?  Having them outside on a roof!  If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, be sure to check out the Rooftop Garden Cafe and Martini Bar at the Met....
IMG_1912I've been meaning to go for quite some time but could never fit it into my busy schedule. Plus, they close pretty early - 4:30 on weekdays and 8pm on the weekend. So when my girlfriend Sharon suggested we go there for our Friday drinks, I jumped at the opportunity.  
The view overlooking Central Park is beautiful and it's a nice spot for people-watching.  There were tourists but I didn't have that "stranger in my own land" feeling which I experience in places like Times Square or Fulton Street.  In fact, the place is perfect for natives and non-natives to mingle and get to know one and other. I always love asking tourists where they're from, why they're here, what they've seen. It never fails to blow my mind that people travel from all parts of the world to visit to my backyard - it's a humbling reminder not to take this city for granted...
IMG_1916This was my one of my drinks. Don't ask me what the name was, in fact, I can't recall any of the names of my drinks that day. All I know was that this was the blue one with a lot of smoke.
IMG_1931Cloud City by Tom├ís Saraceno.  You can actually climb it! (Not recommended after a couple of those blue smoke drinks...)
IMG_1935 copyNot only can you window-shop in New York, but you can also people-shop. Which is what I did off of my new friend, Jennette. I love her necklace!
IMG_1938 copySometimes, I like to make up stories about the people I watch.  For instance, I like to think that this man's name is Franz, an art collector from Austria and this is his secret lover Julia, an unhappy housewife of the Upper East Side. Franz is saying, "I had to see you once more" and Julia replies "What are you doing calling me at my home? This is madness! Madness, I say!"
...Or they could also be talking about C-SPAN...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Park Ave copyTen years ago, if you were to tell me that I was going to live in Manhattan's Upper East Side, I'd say you were crazy.  I always thought I would live in the Village or Chelsea - basically anywhere below 34th street.  But you go where your heart is, and my heart, Joe, happened to live off of the 6.
At first, I hated living here. It was quite a culture shock moving from Astoria. I thought the UES was old and stuffy with way too many strollers! But as time went on, I realized that those were preconceived steryotypes perpetuated by movies and reality television. Little by little, this neighborhood has grown on me. I love walking to the museums. I love buying fresh pasta at Agata and Valentina. I love taking my dog to Central Park and watching him run for miles and miles...
...But what I love the most about the Upper East Side is how quiet and empty it is on a summer weekend that it feels like it's all yours for the taking...
Fifth Ave
Ralph Lauren 3